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This patient had seven porcelain crowns placed on his upper front teeth.  His bottom teeth
were whitened as well.  As can be seen in the third photo, the patient has a rather small,
asymmetrical smile, showing mainly his front six upper teeth.  His new crowns make a dramatic
difference in both his appearance and the health of his mouth.    
This young man in his late 20's, came to us wanting to improve his smile.  His teeth were otherwise
healthy, but his top teeth were badly discolored.  Ideal treatment would be porcelain veneers on top
and whitening on the bottom.  The patient needed a less expensive alternative.  We first whitened
both his top and bottom teeth. (middle photo)  We then gently abraded away the deepest areas of
discoloration, and bonded his top front teeth.  The results are evident in the last photo.  Bonding will
not last as long as porcelain, is not as strong, does not have as smooth of a surface, will stain over
time, and must be periodically redone.  But, in selected cases is a great alternative, and much less
Porcelain crowns were placed on this patient's four front teeth,
and his gum line was evened out.  Three teeth had large cavities
and old fillings.  His left central incisor had a poorly fitting old
crown. As the patient wished to have whiter teeth as well, ZOOM
one hour bleaching was done on his top back and bottom teeth
then crowns to match the lighter color of his newly whitened  
teeth.  The improvement is quite significant.
This patient desired to restore his entire smile.  A four tooth bridge, three crowns, and a
bonded left canine completed the restoration.
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