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We Will Guarantee Your Properly Cared For Crowns for Four Years

How do I care for my new crowns?                    

Your new crowns must be kept meticulously clean.  Brush at least twice a day with a fluoride
toothpaste and floss at least once.  If your crowns are connected to each other, or are part of
a bridge, a floss threader, proxy brush or irrigator is usually needed.   Along with your regular
dental check-ups and cleanings, and a low sugar diet, your teeth with crowns should stay
healthy, just like your natural teeth.  Of course, anything that can break or chip a natural
tooth can break a porcelain crown.

Can I get a cavity in my new crown?

Yes.  The place at which the crown meets the tooth is very susceptible to decay if not
properly cleaned.  There is often no enamel in this part of the tooth,  just the softer, less
decay resistant dentin.

So, brushing, flossing and regular cleanings and check-ups are that much more important.

How long will my crown last?

A well made, properly cared for crown can last indefinitely.  However, there are many things
that will shorten the life of a crown.  These include but are not limited to, inadequate home
care, poor flossing or brushing, missed check-ups and professional cleanings, untreated
dental problems spreading to the crown area, chewing on bones, ice cubes, ices, nuts or
other similar foods, holding nails, biting wire or thread, opening containers with your teeth,
excessive sugar intake, smoking, excessive alcohol use, clenching and grinding your teeth,
gum disease, tongue and lip rings, medications and conditions which cause a dry mouth.

Many of these problems can be minimized with consistent routine care.

For patients committed to properly caring for their new crowns, we
are                           pleased to offer the guarantee described below.

                  Our Four Year Guarantee

For one year after initial placement, should our crowns, onlays or porcelain veneers, need
replacement due to decay or breakage, and the tooth can be saved, we will at no charge to
you repair or replace the crown, or veneer with a new restoration.  During the second year,
we will discount a new replacement crown by 50%.  During the third year by 33%, and by 25%
during the fourth year after initial placement.

If a porcelain veneer should become decayed to the extent that a crown becomes necessary,
the above discounts will be applied towards the crown.

If root canal, post, gum treatment or implant is necessary, additional fees will be required.

The above guarantee, does not apply to problems caused by accidents, trauma or neglect,
or to procedures covered by insurance.

Your Responsibility

To maintain your guarantee:

You must have a check-up and cleaning in our office a minimum of  every 6 months,
(or 3 or 4 month intervals if recommended due to gum  disease or other degenerative

You must complete in our office, all necessary treatment in the area of your mouth with your
new crown, within one year. Gum disease, infection and decay spread from tooth to tooth.

You must responsibly maintain your account, and provide us with a minimum of 24 hours
notice if you must cancel an appointment.