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                        Post Op Instructions Following Dental Extractions

After extractions some degree of bleeding, swelling and discomfort may be experienced. To minimize any post
operative complications, please read and follow the instructions below.

1) If you have been given gauze to bite on, you may remove it 30 minutes after the procedure.

2) Should bleeding persist or redevelop, bite down on a fresh piece of damp gauze for another 30-minute period.
Continuous pressure on this area for 30 minutes will usually control bleeding.

3) Vigorous rinsing, spitting, smoking, hot beverages and alcohol must be avoided for 24 hours.

4) Do not exercise or perform strenuous physical activity for several days.

5) Eat a soft diet, and chew on the opposite side from the extraction.

6) Apply cold to the area for the first day to reduce any swelling.

7) Beginning the day after treatment, rinse your mouth at least every 4-hours with warm water, especially after

8) Normal oral hygiene should be maintained. Gently but thoroughly brush and floss all of your teeth.

9) Over the counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin or Aleve, will control most post-operative pain.

10) If any medication was prescribed, please take it as directed.

11) If non-absorbing stitches were used, you were given an appointment to have them removed.

12) Occasionally, small boney splinters or spicules may migrate to the outside of the gum.
Should this occur, they usually fall out by themselves, or we can easily remove them.

13) If you have any questions or unusual symptoms, please call us; we are here to help you.
14) Additional Instructions: