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Modern cosmetic dentistry, not only restored this patient's teeth, but completely changed the shape of his face giving him
a younger more pleasing facial shape. We filled out his upper lip, and increased the distance from his chin to his nose
with properly sized teeth.

These 2 photos show the patient's                                                         These 2 photos show a front view
before and after profile                                                                         of the patient with his new teeth.

This patient is Dr. Freedman's mother. She needed crowns on her 2 top canine teeth, a new crown on her right lateral,
and a crown on her left bicuspid.  
Her front 2 teeth had crowns that were over 20 years old.  6 crowns and 1 laminate were fabricated.
We lengthened and lightened her 7 new teeth giving her a much younger, very attractive smile.  This patient also
bleached her lower teeth to match her crowns.

Before                                                                  After                                                       after

This patient wanted to replace her old crowns with more natural looking  teeth.   Six crowns and  one
laminate veneer were used to give her a great life-like smile.

Six all porcelain crowns were used to restore this patient's top front teeth.  

Before                                                                            After
A broken off front tooth required rapid treatment in this patient.  The broken tooth was extracted, and a temporary bridge was
made the same day.  In addition to the permanent bridge replacing her missing tooth, Crowns were needed on most of her
remaining top teeth, giving her a very nice smile.
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