On June 1st, Governor Cuomo removed all restrictions on the practice of dentistry in New York State,
leaving it up to the discretion of the individual dentist to determine what methods they use to keep their
offices infection free.

Covid-19 spreads through the air by respiratory droplets, mists and aerosols that come from the mouth.
The practice of dentistry uses the dental drill, and hygienist’s cavitron, which create and disseminate
aerosols that can spread throughout the dental treatment room.

So, How Do We Clean The Air?

According to the CDC and the NIH the gold standard for removing harmful bacteria and viruses from the
air is to perform treatment in a negative pressure room. This is what is used in COVID-19 units in

To provide the safest environment for dental treatment that we can, we have converted our treatment
rooms into negative pressure rooms.

We have installed three negative pressure air-scrubbing machines that literally suck the air containing
the potentially harmful aerosols out of the treatment rooms, through purifying HEPA air filters and then
exhausting it outside. This will keep the air as fresh as possible during treatment, and leave the air as
clean as possible for the patients that follow. In addition, each room also has a recirculating
UV light air purifier, that will clean the room air eight times each hour.

The best way to keep our office infection free is to keep the virus out of our office. Our staff has all been
 tested for COVID-19, and we are COVID-19 free. We will all retest regularly.

 We strongly encourage, our patients to get tested as well. If you need a referral to a convenient and  
 free testing location, just ask us.

 So, is it safe to go to the dentist? If you are receiving treatment in a negative pressure room with the
 other CDC guidelines in effect, the answer is probably yes. We are certainly doing everything we can to
 make it safe.

 Dr. Mark Freedman
 1023 Pulaski Rd
 East Northport, NY 11731