We also must consider the child's self image.  They want to look and feel good about themselves, and not be
teased by their peers.

This teenage girl was very self conscious about the brown spots on her front teeth.  The spots were delicately
abraded away, and bonded with composite
Why fill the cavity in her baby tooth?  It's only going to fall out anyway.

Untreated cavities in baby teeth can easily become infected causing your child pain, swelling and fever.  The
infection can spread into the jaw bone and damage the permanent tooth developing under it.

Why don't you just extract it?

Baby teeth hold a place open for the permanent tooth growing underneath.  If removed too soon, the other teeth will
drift over the space and block the permanent tooth from coming in straight.

The baby first molar of this 9 year old was filled with a white bonded filling.  This tooth holds the space for the
permanent 1st bicuspid tooth which usually erupts at about age 12.

   What if my child has an accident, breaks a tooth or has an emergency?

Accidents unfortunately do happen, at school, during sports or while just playing.  Call us, and your child will be seen
immediately, no matter how busy we are.

This young man broke his 2 front teeth during a basketball game.  We matched his tooth color with a very
light shade of composite material, and restored his teeth with bonding.
We love to have children in  our office.  We treat your children as we treat our own.  Children are not just little
adults.  The first experiences they have in a dental office today, can influence their attitudes towards health
care as adults.  All necessary treatment will be patiently explained to them as well as you, in an age
appropriate manner they can easily understand.    
What if my child needs a cavity filled or some other procedure?

When treated gently and compassionately with the procedure explained carefully, even very young children are
generally cooperative.

See our adorable 3 year old patient with 2 cavities.  They were restored with bonded fillings.
                         Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I first bring my child to the dentist for a check-up?

If your child is not complaining about any discomfort, and you or your pediatrician do not see any problems in your
child's mouth, then usually between 3 and 31/2 years of age is a good time for a first visit.

What will happen at this first visit?

Our hygienist will escort your child to the treatment room, and show and explain the various dental "tools" she will be
using.  Your child's mouth will be examined in a fun and non-threatening manner, and their teeth will be gently
cleaned.  X-rays may be taken especially in an older child, and a
fluoride treatment may be given.   Proper brushing,
flossing and eating habits will be discussed.  Dr. Freedman will also examine your child's mouth.  Your child's good
behavior will constantly be reinforced, and they will always leave with a new tooth brush, and a prize that they may
choose.  Our findings will be discussed with you, and a written Oral Hygiene Report will be given to you as well.  You
will be asked to make the child's next check-up appointment before you leave.  This is very significant as it will show
your child the importance of continual routine preventive care, and allow you to reserve the day and time you find
most convenient.  If you cannot schedule an appointment 6 months in advance, we will mail you a reminder when
your child is due for a check-up.
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