about five visits.  Dentures are custom made for a patient to very closely mimic an ideal appearance of their natural teeth.  
Properly made dentures are undetectable and completely natural in appearance.  They can not only restore your teeth, but
support your face and restore its normal contours.
Although we prefer to avoid the necessity for dentures, when the need arises, we do our best to help you adapt to a natural looking,
well fitting denture.  We always try to save teeth to support a partial denture if possible.  This not only has a great psychological benefit
for our patient, but allows the denture to connect to the patient's own teeth for a much snugger, natural feeling, and better eating.  

A properly constructed denture not only restored this patient's teeth, but completely changed the shape of his face giving him a much younger
appearance.  We made this patient a full denture on top and a partial denture on the bottom.  We filled out his upper lip, and increased the
distance from his chin to his nose with properly sized teeth.

These 2 photos show the patient's                                                         These 2 photos show a front view
before and after profile                                                                         of the patient with his new teeth.

Even in cases that appear hopeless, we try to save a few teeth if possible. Sometimes even one or two teeth can hold a partial denture in
place much more comfortably than a full denture.  The case below demonstrates this.
The photo on the left shows a patient who came to us expecting full dentures on both top and bottom.  While we could not save any top teeth,
we were able to save the two end teeth on the bottom, with root canal treatment and two porcelain crowns.  A full denture on top,
and a partial denture on the bottom gave this patient a beautiful smile, and allowed him to eat comfortably for the first time in years.

Before                                                                                              After

This patient had a hopeless situation with her top teeth.  A full denture was fabricated on top.  We did conservative gum treatment
on her bottom teeth, followed by bleaching, which resulted in a very attractive and natural looking smile.           

Before                                                                                    After

Three Crowns, a few bonded teeth, and top and bottom partial dentures were used to restore this patient's appearance
and ability to chew her food.

Before                                                                                                     After
Gum treatment and partial dentures quickly restored this man's smile and ability to chew.
A full upper immediate denture was selected by this patient to restore his
mouth.  In this case his denture was completely fabricated before his top teeth
were removed, so the patient did not have to spend even an hour without his
top teeth.
This patient had top teeth that could not be saved.  We were however able to save her remaining bottom teeth.
An immediate full denture was made to replace her top teeth.  An immediate denture allows us to provide the patient with same
day teeth.  The dentures are fabricated in advance, and are given to the patient as soon as her diseased teeth are extracted.  
implants or a partial denture.
This patient was unhappy with her full dentures.  She felt her teeth were lopsided, too small and her bottom teeth
did not show. She wanted a wider, more natural smile.  New dentures can be a  great cosmetic option for people
with old worn dentures
This lady needed a new
denture to replace her old
worn denture. She wanted a
more natural smile, that shows
more teeth and fills out her
face.  A good denture can
achieve these objectives, as
well as create a younger
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Most lower dentures we make now, incorporate two implants with a snap in denture. These dentures are
very secure, do not move around, and chew food much better.  Their appearance is much better as well
since they stay in place. All phases of this treatment are done in our office, including placing the
implants in the mouth. This patient's upper denture was made in our office as well.