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This patient needed restoration of both his top and bottom teeth.  He chose to restore his bottom
teeth first, then his top teeth the following year.  A bridge replaced his missing lower back tooth.
These teeth were all fabricated with a gold understructure for increased strength.  The gold was
completely covered with porcelain giving a totally natural appearance. New materials now available
utilizing zirconia and high strength ceramics are used whenever possible to eliminate any metal in
the mouth.
pre-op bottom teeth
post-op bottom teeth
pre-op top teeth
Completed restoration of
both top and bottom teeth
Sometimes we strive for a significant improvement rather than perfection.  This patient had broken and
irregular lower teeth.  Ideal treatment would be braces to straighten his lower teeth, and then replacement
of the crowns on his other teeth to allow us to make his teeth as white as possible.  Rather than redoing all
of his other teeth, and spending time in braces, we decided to straighten his bottom teeth with crowns, and
blend the color into his existing teeth.  The result is more than satisfactory, and absolutely natural in
Crowns on this man's remaining top and bottom teeth were needed to restore the health
of his mouth, as well greatly improve his smile.
This patient came to us with severe
decay in both his top and bottom teeth.
For added strength, a gold
understructure was placed beneath the
porcelain outer layer.  The gold is not
visible.  Now, almost all of our crowns,
are completely made of high strength
ceramic and zirconia, but occasionally
situations exist where gold is best.
This patient was dissatisfied with the appearance of her front four teeth,
particularly the space between her front teeth and the gum line of her lateral teeth.  
Four new crowns were fabricated greatly improving her appearance.  Her left
canine tooth should have a new crown as well to balance her smile.
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