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Following a sports injury, this patient required implants to replace missing teeth, and new
crowns to replace his existing damaged crowns.  Two implants and nine porcelain crowns
gave him a great smile.
This patient came to us with an extremely difficult situation.  No intact teeth were touching which
caused her mouth to close way too much.  Implants were ruled out due to financial considerations, and
the patient did not want dentures. We saved as many teeth as possible and porcelain covered bridges
were permanently attached to these teeth.  We recreated her natural mouth opening with 13 crowns
and bridges, and got a very natural result.
After Treatment
This patient came to us wanting improved aesthetics and healthy bottom teeth.  We first did gum
surgery to resolve his gum problems.  Then four crowns were placed on his bottom front teeth.  This
resulted in a greatly improved appearance, and healthy teeth and gums.
This young lady disliked the appearance of her old crowns.  Crowns and laminates
were redone on her front six teeth with a noticeable improvement.  The patient will
have her side and back top crowns replaced as well.  

This patient's
teeth were badly
discolored, had
many old chipped
fillings, and were
much too small for
her face. Ceramic
crowns were used
to lengthen her
teeth and improve
her esthetics.  
Properly sized
teeth will not only
look and function
better, but will also
provide better
support of the
lips.  This makes
the lips appear
fuller and the face
more  youthful.
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